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Alvaro Criado

Criado Wines mission is to let you experience the finest Argentinian wines in Ireland. We offer our wines online and in boutique wine stores, restaurants and hotels. We do it with full passion and commitment offering excellent customer service.

Criado Wines is a company based in Northwest Business Park, Ballycoolin, Dublin, Ireland, part of Criado Beverages Ltd. It was founded in 2020 by Alvaro Criado, industrial engineer, born and raised in Mendoza, Argentina. "The objective of Criado Wines, is to let Ireland's citizens to discover the world of the finest Argentinian wines". 

Read about his story and how Criado Wines started here.

"If you are a fan of wines from Argentina and you would like to learn more about this fascinating South American wine producing country then your first stop should be to the Criado Wines website." Jean Smullen

Our main wine supplier is Rutini Wines, a winery from Mendoza, Argentina, with over 130 years of history and is known as the most prestigious wine brand in Argentina since 1885.

We do wholesale to Stakehouse Restaurants, Hotels and Wine Stores.

If interested please contact: info@criadowines.com

The website includes a Blog, which aims to share everything about Argentinian wine, including wine regions, vineyard physiology, food pairing of course, specially Argentinian & Spanish food: meat, fish, seafood, desserts and also some Argentinian culture.

As a visitor here, you are part of a fantastic community which connects Argentina and Ireland through the amazing world of wine & food.

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You can also visit our store and get to know our great wine portfolio from Rutini wines.

Natalio Saiti, Felipe Staiti Wine's Director and Alvaro Criado, Criado Wine's CEO. Recently at the Argentinian Wine Fair 2023, Hilton, Charlemont place, Dublin, Ireland.